College Courses

Club Z! Tutoring is not just for kids! 


Club Z! doesn’t stop at high school, we help college students gain the skills necessary to complete their academic career! Our university level tutors know how hard college can be, especially for the adult student juggling a job, children and other demands.  We also know that many students entering college lack needed skills, including study skills and basic subject mastery.

Our advanced tutors can help you learn study skills, fill in gaps in your current knowledge and secure a basis for college success. It doesn’t matter if you’re needing help with your General Education requirements or assistance with your final coursework, Club Z! can help!

Club Z! Tutoring helps with the following:

  • College Gen Ed Requirements
  • College Math, Algebra, & Calculus
  • College Essay Writing
  • College English Composition
  • College Science- Chemistry, Physics, & Biology
  • College of Business Tutors
  • College of Law Tutors
  • College of Medicine Tutors
  • College of Engineering Tutors