Study Skills


Club Z! has their own unique and effect study skill program called Learning Built to Last ™. This system targets the different learning style and habits of students. The Learning Built to Last Program ™ diagnoses the student’s needs and builds a customized system matched to the individual student.

The Study Skills Diagnostic Test:

This identifies 11 different academic tools necessary for academic success and points out areas for improvement.


The Learning Built to Last ™ program helps students that:

  • image001Struggle with many topics
  • Have weak subjects or gaps in learning
  • Are juggling extra-curricular activities with academics
  • Have ADD or ADHD or other learning disabilities
  • Are stressed, disorganized or those that tend to procrastinate
  • Perform well but are looking to reach the next level
  • Desire honor or advanced courses


The Learning Style Diagnostic Test:

This determines the student’s natural method of learning so that they can better incorporate new skills and knowledge.

Club Z! tutors offer students new and improved study methods, all in a fun and relaxing environment. This program teaches students how to get more from every study session.

Learning Built to Last ™ helps each student understand their own learning style. This reduces study frustration and builds long lasting academic skills that will help them throughout their academic career!