Tutor Testimonials

Working for Club Z! with Kevin & Leisha is wonderful. They take the time to
work with you to make sure you have all the materials & resources you need
to help you & your clients succeed. They also take the time to get to know
you. They are pros at having fun with the kids & getting involved themselves
too. I enjoy working along beside them, as well as for them.

Melissa- Sparta, MO,

I love working for Club Z! for several reasons. The flexibility of creating my own schedule, the excellent pay, as well as the satisfaction I get from seeing a student improve are just a few reasons why Club Z! is a great company to work for!

Laura- Branson West, MO,

Working for Club Z! was a great experience. Leisha and Kevin Baker are such warm, friendly people, and they have the utmost care and desire for all their clients to succeed. This desire also applies to their tutors. As a former tutor, Leisha and Kevin would often give me guidance and helpful support. Overall, working for Club Z! highly impacted my life by allowing to work with such wonderful directors and allowing me to interact with such great clients!

Essence- Springfield, MO,